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Stuck in at home running out of things to do...?


Doctor Simpo has the perfect solution for you!


Ever heard about how long animation can take to got time on your hands...?


Well this your chance to give it a go - YouTube - Doctor Simpo


Hello there everybody who is cool, creatively minded and effected by Covid-19, this is not a solution but, hopefully, a welcome distraction… Time to be creative.


Submit your animated antidote to Covid 19.


60 seconds of funny, silly, wacky wild, down-right-daft screen time to blow away the anxiety of our times, with above all – LAUGHTER!


Holmfirth Film Festival (home of Bamforth Films and Last of the Summer Wine) and Bates Mill Creative Spaces are bringing a little fun and excitement into the world.


TOP PRIZES in 3 categories:


CHILDREN (-17) = £75




DEADLINE: 12 noon 01/09/2020


Doctor Simpo's Animated Antidote Cartoon Competition

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